Quimka’s Israeli Recipes

Quimka’s Israeli Recipes

Simha Nyr, adv.
14.02.2010 18:15
Quimka's Israeli Recipes - recipes - avocado salad - eggplant slices

Here you can find Ouimka’s Avocado Salad & Quimka’s Eggplant Slices *** other recipes – in the near future

Quimka’s Israeli Recipes

Here you can find Ouimka’s Avocado Salad & Quimka’s Eggplant Slices *** other recipes – in the near future

Quimka’s Avocado Salad

Take (in Israel every recipe begins with “take”, but if you start with “buy”, it’s fine, too) one onion, carefully remove the sticker, and re-stick it to your refrigerator, your computer, your heart etc. Stick to this directive as regards the other vegetables too, but try not to annoy your spouse more than the minimum necessary.

Chop the onion and salt it. Leave for some hours, even some days – the 1st day in room temp., then in ref. Prepare extra quantity for further use.

Take 4 – 6 boiled eggs, and chop them.

Take 1 avocado and mash it into the eggs with a fork, but beware of forklosure.

Add 1 – 3 tablespoonfuls of the chopped onion, and stir.

Add chopped dill (not a big dill, only the leaves; Leave the rest to the next recipe), and stir.

Add olive oil, and stir.

Give to your dog, go to the next super and buy avocado salad.

Bon appétit!


1.            You may change proportions and correct tastes, to give your dog the best he deserves;

2.            If you have no dog – go and buy one;

3.            Serve with salt and pepper shakers, for each dog to answer his own taste (salt is virtually not necessary, for it is already in the onion, but who knows).

Quimka’s Eggplant Slices

Take/buy 3-5 medium-to-large eggplants, cut them to 1/2″ (12.7 mm) thick slices.

Salt the slices, and leave them alone for few hours. Drain the liquids, invert the slices and redo salting & draining. For the 1st time it’s enough.

Bake or fry the slices, to your taste or diet habits (I bake them on slightly oiled parchment paper, 1/2 an hour in 200-2200F, invert and redo and re-redo, until they are almost done to my taste, and then 1/4 an hour on each side in 3500F, and redo as necessary to have the stuff look nice. Since the more “spongy” slices of the eggplant are done earlier, you may take them out first, and continue with the others. Beware of drying by over-baking.

While the previous procedures take place (truly speaking take time), prepare dill (the more the better, half a common bundle seems enough), 10 big garlic cloves (in Hebrew we call them garlic “teeth”), peeled & sliced, 1/2 an onion, thinly sliced and separated to rings, and a red pepper, sliced to rings.

Take or buy an oval nice receptacle (a round one will not affect the taste, but an oval tool is nicer and easier to find room for, in a common house ref.).

Put the eggplant slices, layer by layer, in the receptacle, with layers of dill and onion rings in-between, and throw the garlic pieces in, wherever possible.

Put the red pepper rings above all the stuff, mainly for ornamental value, and be ready for the sauce.

Take one part of 5% vinegar and two parts of water, add 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoonful of hot paprika, and 2 teaspoonfuls of sweet paprika. Stir well, and pour onto the eggplants. If needed add vinegar and water, in the same proportion – there is no need to add paprikas.

If the eggplants tend to float, put something heavy on, to suppress them, and cover all with a lid.

Now, if you are waiting to “give to your dog …”, etc, you won’t have it, because this recipe has been tested, tasted and improved by me for years, and no mistake can spoil it. One can only add new improvements to it, which will be most appreciated and welcome.

Leave the stuff for a day or so (“or so” is most crucial in Quimka’s recipes) in room temp., take the lid off from time to time, to enjoy the smell.

After a day or so (vs. supra) put all in the ref., and after a week or so take a test-slice. Recheck repeatedly week by week, until you feel it’s done to your taste, and ready to serve others too (If something is still left! The sauce can be recycled over and over again).

Beware of your guests – they won’t leave anything for you!

Bon appétit!

P.S.: No p.s. … anything is within, incl. the options to improve, but if there are still any questions open, the answer to each of them is: follow your imagination, you can’t err.


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