I’m not a left-winger, I just bend and pick up what I find on my way

I’m not a left-winger, I just bend and pick up what I find on my way

Simha Nyr, adv.
21.05.2017 21:10

I'm not a left-winger, I just bend and pick up what I find on my way

Remarks on the play Benjamin Abbas, Mahmoud Trump, Donald J. Netanyahu

not a left-winger, I just bend and pick up what I find on my way

on the play Benjamin Abbas, Mahmoud Trump, Donald J. Netanyahu

Nyr, adv.

who reads my play Benjamin
Abbas, Mahmoud Trump, Donald J. Netanyahu
may regard me not only as a
left-winger, but also as a “traitor” to Israel, my homeland – just
because I put answers to all the arguments of the Israeli Prime Minister,
Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu, in the mouth of the Palestinian Authority President,
Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), “Giving ideas to the enemy”.

is absolutely not so: I’m as far away from the left as I am far away from the
right, and, paradoxically, even farther from the center.

the headline On
the Political Orientation of Adv. Simha Nyr
, I exposed a little, and said,
inter alia (texts are translated from Hebrew):

have already heard opinions about myself that I am a “rightist” and
that I am a “leftist”, but, In general, I am
very careful about any political identification
, but, at the same time, I
already gave a hint of my political leanings:

far as I am concerned, the State of Israel may annex, without any
“advisory” committee, the West Bank, although it is far less than my
expectations (from Gibraltar to Kamchatka, and then we shall talk further), but
I do not see Israel doing It.

as you see, I am more “hawkish” and more “rightist” than
the most fanatic adherers of Greater Israel.

I do not see anyone in the world who will give us Israelis even a little bit of
my wish, and therefore, since “politics is the art of the possible”,
I am also willing to compromise.

am I willing to compromise on? On any arrangement agreed upon by both Israel
and the Palestinians, including guarantees to my own satisfaction.

view of mine I’ve manifested long before Donald Trump said the same thing: for
him it was nothing more than a coquettish (and in fact inevitable) bla-bla-bla,
but for me it touches my very self, as an Israeli.

this line of thought I will further say: If the State of Israel – the Israeli Knesset
and government – decides to desist from the peace efforts and remain with the
risk of another two thousand years of bloodshed, it will sadden me very much,
but I will leave to others the criticism over this matter, because it is a
sheer political issue, not within my scope, my agenda.

same I’ll do if the State of Israel decides to annex all the territories and
bring about a bloodbath – another intifada, the toughest of all the intifadas –
at the unseen end of which we shall reach exactly the same stalemate we are
already in – this will make me very sad as well, but I will leave the criticism
over it to others, too, for the same reason.

is within my scope? Just as I criticize the judicial culture of the Israeli
judges, not the “stuff” they provide, so I criticize the culture of
governing of the government of Israel and its Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu: I
expect them, inter alia, to show intellectual integrity: Don’t cheat me, don’t
cheat the whole world, and above all – don’t cheat yourselves!

problem of the State of Israel, the double problem of Bibi Netanyahu

State of Israel has a problem: In the current political constellation there can’t
be found any political arrangement with the Palestinians that will enjoy the
majority of the Israeli public and the Knesset, except – perhaps – by the Likud
party’s joining the Labor Party for the two-state solution.

himself has a double problem, which is derived from this problem:

the one hand, if the alliance with Herzog enables the two-state solution,
Bushie Herzog will say, “eventually Bibi understands what I have said long
ago”, and Naftali Bennett will say, “I told you that Bibi would
establish the Palestinian state, contrary to what he promised you on the eve of
the elections!”.

In such
a caes, in the next elections Bibi and the Likud are losing votes both to the
Labor Party and to the Jewish Home, a scenario which means an end to the
Kingdom of Bibi and Saraleh Netanyahu.

the other hand, if joining forces with Herzog does not facilitate a political
agreement, Bibi can’t allow himself to admit it.

such contingencies Bibi has to invent gimmicks that will present him and Israel
as peace-seekers, and the Palestinians as peace refusers.

is where my play begins.

play, in short

to the tripartite meeting of Donald Trump with Abu Mazen and Bibi Netanyahu,
Trump has a preparatory meeting with Abu Mazen. Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish
son-in-law and his senior advisor on Middle East affairs, attended this
meeting, and before the conclusion he suggests to Abu Mazen: ”If you want to
succeed, think Jewish”.

this point on, I put this insight in the mouth of the Palestinian leader: he
“thinks Jewish” and acts accordingly.

I put in Abu Mazen’s mouth answers to Bibi’s arguments, it is not to “help
the enemy”, or to “give him ideas”, but to criticize Bibi
Netanyahu’s conduct: If Bibi had shown integrity to the entire world and to
himself, he would have said to Donald Trump: sorry, but in the current political
constellation in Israel there is no possibility of reaching a political settlement
with the Palestinians, but after the next elections in Israel, in November 2019
– maybe.

problem is that Donald needs Israeli-Palestinian peace before the mid-term
elections, in November 2018.

the rest – in the play itself: Benjamin
Abbas, Mahmoud Trump, Donald J. Netanyahu

is my goal in this play?

first goal is to prepare the “I told you” for the day when Donald
Trump will leave the White House (there are currently at least three reasonable
scenarios how it will happen), without a peace agreement between Israel and the
Palestinians: That’s my projection, and remember that I told you.

forecast, with the highest probability: Trump will not transfer the American embassy
in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

last (for now): All the Israelis who had got an uncontrollable orgasmic euphoria
(or euphoric orgasm, by your choice) with Trump’s election as President of the
United States of America – they will miss Barack Obama.

that I told you.

I am wrong

Trump’s approval rating is currently at an all-time low, and until the next
presidential elections, in 2020, he has the mid-term hurdle on his way. This
fact means that in a few months the United States enters an election year
(according to his speeches, for Trump it has already begun).

the Republican Party is severely beaten in the 2018 election, it may be the end
of Trump’s hopes for re-election in 2020, and in order to avoid this scenario
he needs several achievements, the most important of which may be the
Israeli-Palestinian peace.

can’t allow himself to let Bibi Netanyahu beat around the bush, finding
pretexts like “Naftali Bennett will not let me”, etc., so he will
rein him in with all his might, on the assumption that Abu Mazen will agree to
anything in the world in order to accept the Palestinian State.

can offer Bibi money, he can threaten him with cutting the military support,
and he can hint to Bibi that if he continues his tricks and drags his feet, he,
Trump, will do exactly what Obama did at the end of his presidency: refrain
from vetoing any anti-Israeli resolution in the U.N. Security Council.

this scenario really takes place, we will have a tough struggle between Bibi
and Donald. What it will beget is hard to prophesy. Maybe we shall get a
pocket-edition of David Ben Gurion, saying “no matter what the gentiles will
say, but what the Jews will do”, and the rest will be history.

remember that I told you.


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